Friday, July 02, 2004

Clockwise and Counter

I was reading Inferno today, and became intrigued with a pattern I was seeing. Dante and Virgil travel clockwise, but do so by turning left. Why is this strange?

1. To move clockwise is to move in harmony with nature. It is the direction of the sun's movement.

2. Normally, to move in a circle clockwise would require turning to the right. (The right hand being dextere, the left hand being sinister[correct my spelling if it's wrong]).

3. To turn left normally signifies moving against nature, and possibly agains the will of God.

4. However, if one is facing inward rather than outward, to turn left is to move clockwise.

So...Dante and Virgil move clockwise because they are in God's will, but in Hell which is closed in upon itself, they can only do so by going left.

Any thoughts?